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Confessions of a poor Lowlife

You are just straight up crazy. Why would I try to make YOUR kids call me mom. I have my own child to do that. You have serious issues and need a man in your life so you can have something to occupy your time. It’s been 4 years and you the only one still not adjusted.

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9. July 2013

It’s a good thing that you are so proud of your single mom status, because that’s all you will ever be unless you change your attitude.

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I often look in the mirror, and wonder who that is staring back at me.

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Honestly my dream job is to be an Exotic Dancer. Just Dance. No extra. They make damn good money. Appearently it’s a bad thing to pursue, even though it’s one of the world’s oldest professions. Not to mention fun.

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Beautiful art work.

The worst part about being sober is you remember all the things that made you want to stay fucked up in the first place.

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27. June 2013

Trust no one and believe nothing unless you have all the facts.

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For Eeveelution lovers :) Females that is. :P!!
This is one of my favorite pictures on my computer. I’m a hairdresser nerd.